Having a window that doesn’t stay up is a frustrating experience. Both double and single hung windows come with a balancing mechanism that keeps them in place as you move them up and down.

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If your window won’t stay up, you don’t necessarily have to replace it or hire a professional to fix the problem. You can do it yourself if you know the right steps to follow.

This guide contains five easy steps that will allow you to troubleshoot and repair your window. So, let’s get started.

Common Reasons For A Failing Window

Before getting into the details of repairing a window that won’t stay up, it’s important to discuss why this issue occurs in the first place. One possibility is that your window’s pivot bars are damaged.

Another cause could be that one or both balance shoes are damaged or disconnected from the stash. It can happen just because of loose fasteners as well.

Why It’s Important to Fix Faulty Windows

Having a faulty window isn’t only a frustrating experience but it can also be extremely dangerous. It can slam shut unexpectedly and shatter just to become a safety hazard for people around, especially your kids and pets.

Why Its Important to Fix Faulty Windows - Ronnie's 24 Hour Glass and Door Repair

It can also fall down unexpectedly when someone is trying to maneuver it, which can lead to a broken or pinched finger. That’s why it’s critically important to repair a window that won’t stay up.

Repairing A Window That Won’t Stay Up – Easy Steps

Use the following steps to fix your faulty window that won’t stay up.

  • Time Required to Complete the Project: 10 to 15 minutes
  • Material and Tools Required: Screwdriver

Step 1: Check The Window Fasteners

The first step is to check the fasteners to find out if they’re loose. This problem can definitely keep your window from staying up. If the fasteners are loose, all you need to do is tighten them up.

If tightening doesn’t resolve the issue, the fastening hole of your window is likely stripped. In such a case, you’ll need to replace the fastener to fix the problem. We also recommend you use some wood filler in the hole to make sure the fasteners stay in their place firmly.

Step 2: Inspect Pivot Bars

If your window fasteners are in good condition, the next step is to check the pivot bars. Bring your window casing to a horizontal position by tilting the top of the sash away. It will allow you to release the sash from the jambs. You will see the pivot bars of your window at the bottom of both sides of the sash.

Inspect the pivot bars carefully to find out if there are any signs of twisting, damage, or wear. If they are damaged, remove the pivot bars from your window. Take the damaged part to your local window supply store to buy exactly the same replacement part. After that, you only need to install the new pivot bar(s) in the same place and attach the sash back again.

Step 3: Inspect The Balance Shoes

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If the pivot bars of your window were functioning well, the next step is to inspect the balance shoes. They are located inside the jamb grooves that you’ll find on both sides of your window. Ideally, they should be located about halfway up the jamb grooves. This is where the sash sits when it’s open.

If both or one of the balance shoes are located very low or at the bottom, it means they’ve slipped out from the place where they should stay. As a result, your window will not stay open because the pivot bars won’t have anything to connect with when you open it.

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A balance show is made of metal or plastic, and you’ll see a U-shaped slot inside its hollow structure. The U-shaped pin faces upwards when the balance shoe is locked. You’ll need to turn the U-shaped pin so that it faces sideways and you can do it by putting the screwdriver in the balance shoe’s slot.

After that, slide the balance shoe up so that it reaches its proper location. Now, turn the slot back to its locked position to lock the balance shoe in place. Reinstall the sash to the jamb and test if your window works as expected.

If one or both of the balance shoes are damaged or broken, remove them and take them to your local window supply store to buy the replacement parts.

Step 4: Reset The Window

After buying the replacement parts that were damaged or broken, install them in their places and snap the lower sash back into its location. Make sure that your sash is fully hooked into its frame. Test the performance of the window by moving it up and down gently. Make sure that it stays in place when you stop moving it.

Step 5: Call A Professional

If none of the steps discussed above worked for you, chances are you need to replace your window. In this case, you’ll find visible damage that’s beyond repair. It can also happen because of the damaged internal mechanism that allows your window to move up and down and to stay open.

Call A Professional - Ronnie's 24 Hour Glass and Door Repair

The best way to find out the most suitable solution is to talk to a professional. An expert local window repair specialist can tackle both complex and simple problems to get your window working properly again.

Final Words

Repairing a window that won’t stay up doesn’t have to be a difficult task. You just need to follow the right steps to find out the underlying issue. Additionally, if noise is a concern, you might want to consider glass window soundproofing as part of your repair process. We hope the easy steps mentioned in this guide will help you repair your window that is not working properly.

Make sure that you keep your kids and pets away while you’re dealing with a faulty window. Not only will it ensure their safety but it’ll also allow you to have a better focus to resolve the problem at hand.

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