Summer is here and that means everything is heating up. It can be hard to stay cool in the summer without burning out your AC, which is why today we’re talking about how something as simple as windows can help you beat the extreme Texas heat this summer and keep your house cool without spending extra AC.


One of the basic things about the weather no matter the season is this; it’s cooler at night than during the day. Even out here in Texas, this is true. The daytime may be blazing hot, but when the sun starts to set, the relief starts to set in from the hot summer day as the cool night rolls in. But instead of throwing open your windows during the day to get that hot air out, open them up at night instead.

Now, this will require keeping an eye on the weather. Nobody wants a surprise shower in the middle of the night. But by keeping your windows open at night, you’re letting the cool air pool into your home, and keeping them shut during the day will trap that in there. Don’t believe us? Science backs us up.

Hot air rises. This is how hot air balloons go up. When you open your windows, that hot air is getting sucked into your home to rise into its cool pockets. And once that hot air is in there, it’s trapped at the top. This means either the cool air is going to blow outside or it’s going to heat up to match the temperature of the rest of the room. And the end result is a hotter space. And while the night air is still hotter than your home likely is, it’s cooler than the daytime and leaves a much smaller gap for your AC to make up for.


It’s summertime and you want to be out in the sun. That’s fine. But don’t make your house hotter because of it. All of those windows in your house are collecting light, which is building up heat. Your home is a gigantic magnifying glass and you’re the poor ants inside.

Don’t let your home become a heat box. Cover up your windows during the hottest parts of the day to reduce the amount of light coming in and creating extra shade for everyone taking cover inside. While you don’t have to go all out and get full blackout curtains, simply have your windows covered up will give your home the cover it needs to keep the insides nice and cool.


Unfortunately, the windows and walls of your house are not impervious to the heat either. While they do absorb a good chunk of it, there’s still an eventual limit before that heat passed through and gets inside. This is particularly true of older materials, however, newer materials are starting to be more resistant.

Newer windows can give you extra protection by being treated. This can keep hot air out, but also keep more of the cold air in by closing up as many microscopic cracks as possible inside your windows. Your AC will definitely thank you for not letting as much of that cooled air slip away. Further, new windows are safer and harder to break, keeping you safe from any other elements outside.

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