From being an easy access door, filling your home with natural light, to being an integral part of your house’s design, sliding doors are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. 

But just like all other accessories of your house, these doors also require little maintenance every now and then. Given the fact that they work via rolling/sliding on a set of horizontal rails, things like house debris or dust often clamp the rollers, which then prohibits smooth motion. 

Worry not, though! Here’s a quick guide on how to repair a sliding glass door, along with some exclusive tips and hacks to keep those rollers working smoothly! 

Dive in. 

Step-by-step: Repairing a Sliding Door

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Fixing a sliding door is not as complicated as it may seem. All you need is a helper and a few tools. Here’s what you need to get started : 

  • Pliers
  • Putty knife
  • Lubricant 
  • Vacuum 
  • Sponge 
  • Screwdrivers
  • Scrap woodblock
  • Hammer
  • Bucket with water
  • Replacement patio door wheels 


  1. In most cases, the door just becomes stiff due to the dust which is stuck underneath the rails. In order to fix this, you simply need to clean the track which holds the bottom of the door in place.
    To do this, you can either take the help of a vacuum cleaner or even use a wet rag to take all the scum out. You can also use a regular picture hanging wire and shape one of its ends in the form of a hook. Then slide it underneath the door and pull all the dust out.
    Here’s a video that demonstrates how to do this.
  2. If your first attempt went futile, then you will have to remove the sliding glass door. In order to do this, first clear some space out where you will keep the door. Then, take the screwdriver and unpin the screw cover plugs found on the roller adjustment.
    Remember, turning the screws counterclockwise lowers the door by raising its wheels. Then carefully remove the header door stop by unscrewing it from the top. Now gently lift the door out and place it against a wall or on a flat surface.
  3. Now pull out the roller wheels from the glass door and check whether or not they are able to rotate freely after you have cleaned and lubricated them. However, if the wheels are bent or stuck, you will have to replace them. Thus, it’s important to know if you can replace sliding glass doors without replacing the frameClick here to buy.
  4. Now it’s time to lubricate the lower track so as to minimize the friction between the wheels and the base. Simply put some silicone lubricant and rub it over using a clean rag.

Tip: In case you notice that your weatherstrip is also damaged, changing it would be a good idea since it keeps all the dust, water, and debris from getting into the house. Simply take a knife or a razor to pull it off. 

5. Once you ensure that all the joints and rollers are working smoothly, put the door back on while turning the roller screws clockwise this time.

How Often Should I Repair a Glass Sliding Door?

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The frequency of repair depends totally on your usage. An ideal indicator would be to notice whether or not the door is sliding all the way through without giving any backlash. In most cases, you can resolve the problems by either adjusting the wheel height or cleaning the dust from the bottom. 

Do the following to keep your door in a tip-top condition: 

  • Vacuum cleaning the track at least once every week. 
  • Not opening the door all the way to the side, as this may bend or damage your wheels. 
  • You can invest in a patio cover to protect your door from external elements. 

Common Sliding Door Problems & Fixes

Aside from the regular repair, there are some common issues that most individuals with a glass sliding door have to face every once in a while. Here we have listed some of them and also shared the solutions so that you can be at ease. 

Alignment issues 

Sliding doors often get thrown out of the line due to the continuous usage and thuds. To fix this, you simply need to remove the door from the track and then put it back in place. You can use the adjustment seats at the bottom to make height adjustments too! 

Broken glass 

Even though having a professional do this would be a better idea, in order to fix broken glass, you just need to remove the trim around the glass and install a new piece in its place. A little tip to take the measurements perfectly: Once you have measured the height and width of the opening, subtract a quarter inch from each measurement to get the perfect fit. 

Tip: Always go for a mixture of mild soap and water when cleaning your windows. Aftermarket caustic cleaners are often abrasive and can cause permanent damage to the window pane. 

Bent track

Bent track - Ronnie's 24 Hour Glass and Door Repair

A track might be bent due to heavy pressure or being hit by accident. Nonetheless, it will prohibit the door from moving freely if not bought right into place. If you hear a clicking noise every time you move the door to-and-fro, always check if the track is horizontally straight or not. 

If not, then take a hammer and gently hammer the track into its place. You can also use a rubber mallet and a small wooden block. The wooden block will absorb the impact and distribute the force into a broader area. 

Summing Up 

Frequent cleaning and lubrication is the key to having a smooth sliding glass door. Now that you know how to repair a sliding glass door, we hope you will cherish the goodness of the sunlight and airflow it brings into your house.

If you live in the Fort Worth, TX area and still find this task tiring and cumbersome, you can always give us a call and we will come to you and repair it for you!

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