While a sign or a towering building may be the first thing your customers see of your business, the front door is what welcomes them into your company. Your front door is what helps usher customers into your business, and if your door isn’t right for the vibe or style of your company, customers may just turn around and take their business somewhere else.

You don’t need to have a state of the art smart door that automatically opens, serves your customers high end beverages or finger foods, and has wifi, but your front door should at least go along with the theme or cadence of your business. In today’s blog, Ronnie’s 24 Hour Glass and Door Repair, the best window and door repair company in Fort Worth, Texas, will go over what your front door says about your company.

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You’ve had your current front door for the life of your business. It was there when you got your first dollar, stayed with you through all of the ups and downs, and it never complained once. While your door may have been with you every step of the way, it’s starting to get a little old and moody. If your door is too old it may have stains and dents all over it, maybe it’s starting to warp and splinter, or it could even utter a long, deep groan every time it moves. Instead of warm and inviting, this type of door screams “Get off my lawn” to just about everyone that walks by it.


  • Looks like you run a haunted house
  • Deters meddling kids and their dogs
  • Saves you money by discouraging business


Using an oversized metal door for your company can be fun. Using an oversized metal door for your ska themed dentist office probably isn’t the best fit. Finding the right material, style, and size for your door is paramount in setting the mood of your company. Like a nice suit or dress, the front door for your company should fit your business perfectly. If it’s too big, chances are people won’t take you seriously. If it’s too small, people may laugh as they walk by. Match your front door to the style or theme of your company and you’ll get a perfect fitting front door.


  • Make people feel tiny/giant
  • Deter customers from entering with a moat
  • Guard the realms of humans from ice zombies and dragons


Smart appliances are all the rage. From speakers to thermostats, watches to homes, more and more smart devices are beginning to pop up every single day. With all of this hi-tech-ery (that’s a word, no need to look it up) happening, why wouldn’t you want to get a front door for your company that’s sleek and cutting edge? One that wooshes open, greets your customers, and instantly sets the smart thermostat to their preferred temperature. The problem? You run a bookstore that sells antique and classical literature.


  • Sleek, modern, sophisticated
  • Made from sterling silver and has cup holders
  • Costs more than an airplane and will try to overthrow humanity

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